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Highschool of the Dead #2

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Another entertaining episode of Highschool of the Dead! Like many other people, I am over zombies, but this foruma of HotD (fanservice, cute girls, manly men, manly military-otaku, and zombies) works very well! The production values haven't diminished at all. Again, no spectactular animation, but the cinematic and sharp directing more than makes up for it! Good music, good art, and A LOT of detail put into each scene.

●  The zombie infestation mechanics are more and more implausible. This is the case with a lot of lower-class zombie flicks, but that's no excuse! The fact that they're slow-type, spread by biting, AND incredibly stupid makes them the weakest type of zombie and something that the militray should be able to have under control in short work.

●  The new guy, military otaku, Kouta, is pretty awesome. He's generally nervous and soft-spoken but when he gets into the moment, he's a lethal killing machine with a streak of MacGyver!

●  The nurse is incredibly annoying, as I suspected. HUGE-breasted characters are universally bad (like the teacher from Mahoromatic *shudder*).

●  I like the sword-wielder! Seiyuu, Sawashiro Miyuki is a comfortable fit as the efficient warrior girl!

●  Nice sound directing in this anime - it has some good effects. I like the groans and moans we get from the zombie crowds.

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