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 ⚫ Amagami SS DVD/BD buyers can apply for extra DVDs (1 after the first 3 volumes, and another after the second 3). The DVDs contained animated shorts. This is a new way of promoting DVD sales, huh?

 ⚫ Senkou no Night Raid DVD 4 will come with 2 unaired episodes. I was wondering how they could afford that given the pathetic sales, but they're unaired episodes rather than new DVD-only eps!

 ⚫ The ratings for the first week of the new season's NoitaminA slot (now comprised of Shiki and Moyashimon Live-Action) are in: 3.4%, which is pretty reasonable (especially after the terrible showing of last season at an average of ~1.2%). Will be interesting to see where next week's ratings go.

 ⚫ Ookami-san episode 2 was a solo key animation episode by Hiroshi Tomioka (credited with storyboard and animation director). That's good to know, because I found the animation really interesting this week. (source

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