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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin #1

A fairly average first episode that failed to grab me. While it's undoubtedly a leap ahead of Senkou no Night Raid, I'm still not especially impressed with the latest Anime no Chikara project. I am at least happy that this seems like an original series that will actually be, you know, original (instead of recycling cliches like Soranowoto). But that alone isn't enough! The animation is done quite well, but the art is fairly simple. I'm not a fan of the character designs, nor much of the background art. The way this first episode was directed was kind of interesting - the director is fond of cutting sharply to characters during scenes to show their reactions and give it a certain tension. It reminds me of some older SHAFT anime. Overall, the visuals are competant but come off as a little bland. The only scene that really struck me as having gravitas was on the roof at the end of the episode. The beautiful shading effects, background artwork and unusual pacing of that beat was pretty interesting.

Osamu Kobayashi's description of the anime as terrible is a little off, but I would agree that there's something missing here.

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